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For three decades, I have worked as a still photographer, producing images for publications, brochures, documentary editorials, as well as a comprehensive stock library of portraits, landscapes and personal work. My stills are heavily influenced by the years I lived in England, Germany, Greece, Taiwan and the U.S., as well as the more than 25 years I have worked in the motion picture industry, most recently as a Set Still Photographer, which has given me the opportunity to learn from some of the best cameramen and directors in the world.

I currently work as a Set Stills Photographer for the Motion Picture Industry, in addition to providing customized stills and motion services to corporate, individual and industrial clients.
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Still Photographer (2008 – Present)

As a set still photographer, I work directly with producers and publicists to provide digital and film images for use in promoting and marketing feature films. I shoot stills while camera and sound are rolling. In addition, I stage and light portraits of actors for promotional purposes. To protect the visual property of a six- to eight-week production, within which hundreds of shots are taken daily, I am responsible for digital asset management, as well as secure tracking and delivery to authorized personnel in specified and varied formats.

Feature Credits:

Philomena (2014)  Dir: Stephen Frears : Prod: Tracey Seaward & Steve Coogan
Better Living Through Chemistry (2012)  Dir: Moore/Posamentier : Prod: Joe Neurauter
Jamesy Boy (2012)  Dir: Trevor White : Prod: Steven P. Saeta
Elf Man (2012)  Dir: Ethan Wiley : Prod: Richard Jefferies
Luv (2011) (Sundance, 2012)  Dir: Sheldon Candis: Prod: Jason Berman
Lovely Molly (2010)  Dir: Eduardo Sanchez : Prod: Robin Cowie
“The Dead Ones” (2009)  Dir: Jeremy Kasten : Prod: Dan Griffiths
“My One And Only” (2008)  Dir: Richard Longcraine : Prod: Aaron Ryder
“From Within” (2007)  Dir: Phedon Papamichael : Prod: Chris Gibbin
“Hit and Run” (2007)  Dir: Enda McCallion : Prod: Andrew Weiner

Series TV Credits:

VEEP (2011) – HBO – 6 Episodes, Dir: Armando Iannucci Prod: Chris Godsick
Lie To Me (2010) – FOX
Ranger Challenge (3 Shows) – ESPN & Discovery Channel
Marine Special Squad (2 Shows) – ESPN

1st Assistant Camera (1985 – 2007)

As a freelancer, I have worked as a first camera assistant, cameraman and director/cameraman with motion cameras both in digital and film formats. I have worked for documentary filmmakers on National Geographic, Discovery, History Channel, PBS American Experience, BBC, Frontline and 60 Minutes. I have worked for ASC/BSC feature film cameramen on small and big budget movies. I have pulled focus on more than 40 feature films, 15+ episodic TV series and 23 years worth of TV commercials.

Night at the Museum 2, 08
Eagle Eye, 08
Get Smart, 07
Die Hard 4, 06
Shooter, 06
Man of The Year, 06
The Good Shepherd, 05
The New World, 04
Ladder 49, 03
Legally Blond II, 03
A Dirty Shame, 03
First Daughter, 03
Red Dragon, 02
The Recruit, 02
Tuck Everlasting, 02
Head of State, 02
Gods and Generals, 01
Blair Witch II, 00
Election, 99
Runaway Bride, 99
Liberty Heights, 98
Species II, 97
Pecker, 97
G. I. Jane, 96
Mars Attacks, 96
Absolute Power, 96
Murder at 1600, 96
Home for the Holidays, 95
IQ, 94
The Addams Family, 91
Avalon, 90
Cry Baby, 90
Hairspray, 88
The Bedroom Window, 87
The Presidents Wife, 86

Bones, 05
E-Ring, 05
The Wire, 01-07
Mr. Sterling, 02-03
The Agency, 01
The District, 00
West Wing, 98, 02, 03, 04
Homicide, 94-99
X Files, 95-99

Partial list of Directors of Photography for whom I have 1st AC’ed: Fred Schuler ASC, Alen Daviau ASC, Witold Stok BSC, Matt Leonetti ASC, Jack Green ASC, Bob Primes ASC, Don Thorin SR ASC, Lloyd Ahern II ASC, John Linley ASC, John Thomas ASC, Emmanuel Lubezki ASC. Motion Equipment Experience: includes most Spherical & Anamorphic movie lenses, time-lapse & underwater and motion control movie cameras. Skilled in the use of all Panavision, Arri, Moviecam, Mitchell, Aaton (16 and 35mm) cameras, as well as Image 300, Viper, Steadicam, Kenworthy-Nettman Snorkel Camera System, Hot Head, Hot Gears, Nettman Cam-remote, and all Tyler mounts.



B.A. Photography & Film
While attending the University of Maryland at College Park, I worked as a still photographer for the UM newspaper, The Diamond Back, when it was a daily production. I did a photographic internship as a lab tech processing and printing images in a traditional wet darkroom for the University of Maryland Medical School’s fulltime photographer. The photographic work was used for the UM publicity department, the medical college newsletter and student handbooks for the Law, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy, Medical and Nursing schools.

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