End of Summer, Antietam

Another summer has passed out at Antietam. I shot this image of friends with a very old film camera.  I love the 180mm on my Mamiya C-330. I’m on my second camera body after wearing out the first one which I bought in the 70′s. When you grow comfortable with a camera, it is good […]

Fireside Dinner, Antietam Maryland

Lighting the fire at dinner is one of the sweetest times during our camping trips. Nights in Antietam are always very special after a long, lazy day by the creek. We have not been camping in almost two years and we are anxious to return. I love shooting night photographs when the fog comes through […]

The Bait in the Pocket

Antietam Creek, Maryland. My friend’s son didn’t realize that the dogs smelled the bait in his pocket. He kept moving into deeper water and Mosby and Gizi kept following.

The Fire, Antietam

There is quite the feeling of peace when you are beside a fire at magic hour. Time to contemplate the good things this election speaks to the oppressed parts of the world.

Colson, 2001

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I have used this 135mm for over 25 years. It takes me far out of the space I’m photographing physically while capturing a close up feel that delivers emotionally.