My Weimaraner in Antietam Creek

My Weimaraner in Antietam Creek

I never thought much of this photo. But I posted it on Flickr and it received thousands more views than 90% of the other images I’ve posted on Flickr. That’s good learning for me, all thanks to social media tools.

The Moon Over Loch Raven

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On an all night shoot there is always that 3 to 5 am window when the coffee and RedBull stop working. This time can be so brutal waiting for the next effects or lighting setup — I avoid the temptation to sit down. The best thing to do is grab your tripod and get yourself […]

TreeBaltimore: Growing Baltimore’s Tree Canopy

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I recently had the pleasure of working on a wonderful ad campaign for TreeBaltimore. Creatives Davina Grustein and John Fabrizio teamed up to support this organization’s efforts to help grow Baltimore’s tree canopy. (Learn more about the benefits using Maryland’s Tree Benefit Calculator.) A newly planted tree is a worthy cause in my book; it was my pleasure to shoot stills for the campaign. Thanks to Anne Draddy — TreeBaltimore Coordinator, Ignite Baltimore speaker and all around ecologically caring tree hugger — for giving all three of us the chance to do something good for the city of Baltimore. Look for the ads on buses and in the Urbanite Baltimore magazine.

End of Summer, Antietam

Another summer has passed out at Antietam. I shot this image of friends with a very old film camera.  I love the 180mm on my Mamiya C-330. I’m on my second camera body after wearing out the first one which I bought in the 70’s. When you grow comfortable with a camera, it is good […]

Summer Evening

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This year Maryland can’t decide if it is summer or spring. On one of the first warm hikes at Liberty Lake, Luca watches the young bass. I’ve been photographing there for years. No matter the season, light on the water never stops amazing me. I can shoot black and white or color, makes no difference.

Fireside Dinner, Antietam Maryland

Lighting the fire at dinner is one of the sweetest times during our camping trips. Nights in Antietam are always very special after a long, lazy day by the creek. We have not been camping in almost two years and we are anxious to return. I love shooting night photographs when the fog comes through […]

Johns Hopkins Nursing Portraits

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Johns Hopkins Nursing Portraits

I was commissioned to shoot a portrait series featuring the nurses at Johns Hopkins Hospital accompanied by bio-captions describing the important roles these nurses brought to their respective departments. Having shot at hospitals a lot over the years, I realized my biggest logistical hurdle was going to be coordinating the schedules of the doctors and […]

“Terrors and Pleasures of Levitation”

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When I was shooting these images of my daughter, I instantly recalled the work of one of my favorite photographers, Aaron Siskind. His expertise and talent in the darkroom is almost unmatched. While in college, I had the opportunity to go through an original portfolio box of his prints from “Terrors and Pleasures of Levitation”. […]

Three Rivers Petroglyph Site, New Mexico

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Three Rivers Petroglyph Site is a high, wind-swept spot that overlooks the Chihuahuan Desert floor. It’s so near to White Sands that people overlook it on their rush to go north. The wonderful town of Cloudcroft is close. It was 80 degrees while I shot this Polaroid and when I got to Cloudcroft for dinner it was snowing.

Offshore Wind, Frisco Pier, OBX

I was so lucky with the weather to get this photo. In Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, right near Frisco Pier, I’ve learned to wait for good images. They’re always worth it. On this day, the wind was blowing the tops off of the wave crests and the tide was going out, which created a waveless but stormy space between the beach and the cresting waves. The clouds hung very low, moving out to sea. The raw power of nature in the OBX can be felt…and if you wait long enough, captured on film to be revisited again and again. (With a little luck, that is.)

Diamond Shoals, North Carolina

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, is one of my favorite places to photograph. I have been shooting photos in the Outer Banks (OBX) for more than 25 years. Diamond Shoals during a storm is magical because of the unbelievable power of confluence of the Labrador and Florida Currents. Surfers and sports fishermen arelured there by the intensityof the waves and the diversity of the fish. And scuba divers are drawn there to explore the many, many shipwrecks that rest on Hatteras’ sea floor.

Gida as a Pup

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I love Ektachrome film. If you underexpose the background a few stops and add some flash, the colors really pop. Yes, there are digital backs for my Hasselblad but I still love to hold a chrome in my hands. Because it’s a slide, the “software” needed to see this image will never need an upgrade.

Art Professor

There are some teachers in life you never forget. Dr. Fasinelli was one of those teachers for me. He was a professor at University of Maryland. He taught art, photography and film. He was close friends with Lotte Jacobi. He spoke with a stutter, shuffled one foot as he walked, and had a degenerative bone […]

Eye-level Insight

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I’m always curious to see how children see the world. I’ve found that when you bend down and take pictures of kids at their eye level, you see so much more of their character. This shot is on film. I try and try to get this look with a digital camera and Photoshop, but it’s […]

The Bait in the Pocket

Antietam Creek, Maryland. My friend’s son didn’t realize that the dogs smelled the bait in his pocket. He kept moving into deeper water and Mosby and Gizi kept following.