The Moon Over Loch Raven

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On an all night shoot there is always that 3 to 5 am window when the coffee and RedBull stop working. This time can be so brutal waiting for the next effects or lighting setup — I avoid the temptation to sit down. The best thing to do is grab your tripod and get yourself […]

Summer Evening

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This year Maryland can’t decide if it is summer or spring. On one of the first warm hikes at Liberty Lake, Luca watches the young bass. I’ve been photographing there for years. No matter the season, light on the water never stops amazing me. I can shoot black and white or color, makes no difference.

Offshore Wind, Frisco Pier, OBX

I was so lucky with the weather to get this photo. In Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, right near Frisco Pier, I’ve learned to wait for good images. They’re always worth it. On this day, the wind was blowing the tops off of the wave crests and the tide was going out, which created a waveless but stormy space between the beach and the cresting waves. The clouds hung very low, moving out to sea. The raw power of nature in the OBX can be felt…and if you wait long enough, captured on film to be revisited again and again. (With a little luck, that is.)