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I grew up traveling from military base to military base in the EU and Asia. Now I live in the Baltimore, Maryland / Washington, DC area.

I’ve worked full time in the Motion Picture Industry for nearly 3 decades. I’ve had the pleasure of schlepping and pulling focus for Arris, Aatons and Panavisions for some of the most gifted cameramen in the business, having served as a focus puller (1st AC) for 23 years before I changed my IA 600 card to stills in 2008. I am ever so grateful for their time and knowledge. Each one had a unique approach to image making. I learned that there is always a new way to visualize something waiting around every corner.

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I’ve learned so much watching great camera men and women light sets and actors—whether they are lighting with tractor trailer loads of HMI’s or with just one light.

I’ve had the pleasure of looking through—and then seeing the results on a big screen—some of the best lenses in the world…thousands of dollars worth of filters, some well used and some not. As a camera assistant you can learn just as much from a weak camera person as you can from a stronger one.


Now I work full time as a photographer/Motion DP for GrayPictures and as a Set Still Photographer for Motion Picture productions. For me, making images is never work, I love what I do. I shoot everyday. I feel very fortunate to photograph what I love.

Thank you for having a look at my photographs.


– Bill Gray

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